Years 8 and 9

Curriculum Outline

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Year 8 and 9 are exciting years where students consolidate their skills in Core subjects and can choose a wide range of electives. Included below is the structure of the courses in Year 8 and 9.

  • Core: The core subjects are English or EAL, Maths, Science, Humanities, Health/PE
  • Electives: Electives will be selected from The ARTS, Technology, LOTE and Health/PE
  • Electives in Middle School:  Electives are in three columns for each semester.

Students choose an elective from each column.

In each semester students must choose one Arts elective and one Technology elective. This means students must choose a total two Arts and two Technology electives.

LOTE is optional. If students do choose to do Japanese or Greek, they must select them in both semesters.

Students who are not studying a LOTE may choose to do another Arts or Technology elective or may choose a Health/PE elective.

There is a Literacy elective. This is not an elective that students opt in to. Students who would benefit from Literacy support will be placed in this elective after discussion with students and parents.

Note – Some electives have associated material costs. Enrolment in such electives cannot be confirmed without payment.

Semester One
2D Art Food Tech Systems & Robotics
Grand Designs Media Materials
Script to Screen Print Making Drama
Food Tech Pine of the Times Game On
Music Jewellery Making Information Tech
Greek Japanese Literacy
Semester Two
3D Art Fashion/Textiles Systems & Robotics
Musical Theatre Visual Com & Design Materials
Media Food Tech Drama
Music Pine of the Times Supercoach
Food Tech Jewellery Making Information Tech
Greek Japanese EAL