At South Oakleigh College, we endeavour to provide all students with the opportunities for success, equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to become 21st Century learners in a rapidly changing and complex world.

1:1 technology is incorporated into the school’s teaching and learning programs in every classroom across all year levels. This requires all students to have an advanced 2-in-1 Laptop (personal computer) in every class.

Laptop Payment Portal

A recent change to DET’s Payment Policy in September 2021 prevents the College from taking deposits and ordering laptops on a family’s behalf.

To support the ordering process for families, a portal has been set up for families to order directly from our supplier, Learning with Technologies.

To purchase a recommended device from the College’s supplier please follow this link which will take you directly to the ordering platform: 

Please note: devices will still be supported by our ICT Staff. 

The Benefits of Technology in Education 

It is important to recognise that technology is not a mere replacement for pen and paper and the associated learning activities; rater, it provides opportunities to innovate and reshape teaching and learning to improve learning outcomes. Using technology, students will enhance their 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. The learning environment will embrace the use of technology to practically apply these skills and better prepare your child for their post-school pathway.

The Learning-Centred Curriculum

The College has incorporated the 21st Century Learning Design (CLD) Framework as the core vehicle to enhance our delivery of curriculum in the classroom, ensuring that learning activities develop 21st Century learning among the ket skills and knowledge incorporated in the states curriculum.

Figure 2: Pen? Keyboard? Voice? Touch? Sharon Oviatt (2013)

The Recommended Device for Students 

The College has considered a variety of models to deliver the right type of devices into the hands of students in partnership with parents and guardians.At the forefront of consideration was the features required to deliver the intended learning outcomes, affordability, support, maintenance and insurance. The College has partnered with an industry-leading education technology specialist, Learning with Technologies, to provide a comprehensive technology solution.