Our Uniform reflects our image and philosophy and is compulsory for all students. At all times, including to and from the College, students are expected to wear their uniform with pride and respect.

PSW Cheltenham currently stocks all uniform items for South Oakleigh College.

PSW Cheltenham:

Address: 1 Age St, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Phone Number: 03) 9768 0332

College uniforms can be ordered online via the following link: https://www.psw.com.au/schools/south-oakleigh-secondary-school.html

The College Community regards uniform as an important aspect of our image and philosophy. Students are expected to wear it with pride and respect. A note from a guardian is always required if students are not incorrect uniform. All students are expected to have uniform items clearly marked and permanently labelled.

General Remarks:

School Uniform is compulsory for ALL students. It is expected that the complete uniform including the blazer is to be worn to and from the College as well as during the day (Students must wear their black leather school shoes to and from school when in College uniform).

The College expects parents to supply their children with a clean school uniform each day. It is encouraged that parents purchase spare items to ensure that this occurs.

Students in Years 7-10 who have core Physical Education practical class or sport class during the day may come to school wearing their full PE uniform for the day (Students who are studying VCE PE or have a PE elective must change into their PE uniform at school for their practical classes only). The academic uniform, including blazer and tie, must be worn for school photos and to all excursions during Terms 1-4 unless advised otherwise. Students who do not comply will be at risk of being withdrawn from the excursions.

Uniform List

Summer Term 1 & 4

  • Maroon Blazer
  • Maroon College Pullover
  • Black Tailored Trousers
  • Black Tailored Shorts
  • College Short Sleeve Business Shirt with logo
  • Summer Dress
  • School Shoes – Plain, Black leather lace-up
  • Clear or Flesh coloured stockings (only when cold)
  • Plain White Socks (worn with summer dress & not with stockings)
  • Black Socks (worn with trousers & shorts)
  • SOC School Bag

Winter Term 2 & 3

  • Maroon Blazer
  • Maroon College Pullover
  • College Long Sleeve Business Shirt with logo
  • Green College Tie (Years 7 to 9)
  • Maroon College Tie (Years 10 to 12)
  • Black Tailored Trousers
  • Black Tailored Shorts
  • College Green and Maroon tartan skirt
  • Plain Black Stockings
  • Plain White Socks (worn with summer dress & not with stockings
  • Black Socks (worn with trousers & shorts)
  • School Shoes – Plain, Black leather lace-up
  • SOC School Bag

Compulsory P.E & Sports Uniform Items

  • College Sports Polo Shirt
  • College Shorts AND College Black Tracksuit Pants with logo
  • College Rugby Jumper AND/OR College Softshell Jacket
  • College Cap or Bucket Hat
  • Athletic Runners

Sustainable School Shop

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