Year 7 Camp – Phillip Island Adventure Camp (Phillip Island)

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Purpose: Student orientation, introduction to key staff and building new friendship groups

Description: Building new relationships, strengthening old ones and an introduction to the technology that will be required to shape their learning is key in providing year 7’s with a smooth transition.

Year 7 camp is a great opportunity to be introduced to key staff members at school and create long lasting friendship groups. This is facilitated through a wide range of activities including: swimming, exploring marine environments, high ropes, giant swing, crate stacking, raft building canoeing a range of free time activities for students to explore and trial new skills.

Year 8 Camp – The Summit (Trafalgar East)

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Purpose: Resilience, strengthening relationships and setting and achieving goals

Description: Year 8 camp has a strong focus on resilience and strengthening friendships through a wide range of challenging activities that teach students the value of persistence and trust in others.

Students are encouraged to push themselves to new limits through activities such as snake handling, walking on a bed of nails, an obstacle course, flying fox, rock climbing and multiple mini challenges that leave students feeling accomplished and ready for the challenges ahead.

Year 10 – Sailing Camp (Optional, Geelong sailing school)

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Purpose: Future leaders, sailing skills, communication and teamwork

Description: Sailing camp provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a small team environment. Capped at a max of 16 students, students are introduced to a range of new skills such as planning meals, evaluating risk, working with others in high pressure environments and the importance of high-quality communication. Students who attend this are also provided with the opportunity to learn how to sail a boat in the bay of Geelong and is a great opportunity for students looking to learn new skills.

Year 11 Camp – Study retreat (Phillip Island)

Further info: Schedule provided to parents prior to departure

Purpose: VCE preparation

Description: The study skills camp is run for year 11 students transitioning in to year 12 and aims to build on the skills and experiences learnt at year 10 camp. Students are provided with a conference style event in which they select to attend a range of presentations including a variety of skills including: future pathways, well-being, time management, study skills and techniques and a large variety of guest presenters from school, universities and various institutions.

Duke of Edinburgh

Music Camp – All instrumental students

Camp Don Bosco Camp – (Safety Beach, Dromana)

Further info: Refer to Music staff

Purpose: Across year level bonding for students with similar interests, building production skills and designing performances.

Description: Students who are involved in the ensemble are invited to take part in the music camp. The camp is designed to provide opportunities for students to collaborate and meet other students with similar interests.

Students will be involved in a range of team bonding activities that will help provide them with new friends they may not otherwise meet in their regular school day. The focus of this camp is designing and performing a music performance that get performed at school at a later date.

International Opportunities


Cambodia, Fiji Yasawa Islands (GLF – Global Learning Foundation)

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Purpose: Multi-cultural experiences, volunteer opportunities, resilience

Description: The Fiji trip is open to all students from year 8-11 and provides an opportunity for students to give back through volunteering and working in a community. Students spend 12 days in Fiji working in a remote island village installing water tanks, teaching English skills & trekking around the island.

Students are provided with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Fiji & Maori culture and will witness traditional ceremonies, learn new hands on and practical skills, learn the importance of understanding different cultures and develop resilience strategies through living in a remote part of the world for an extended period.


Kennedy Space Centre, California Academy of Science & L.A (EWT – Educational World Travel)

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Purpose: Development of STEM, ethical understandings, intercultural understanding and personal growth

Description: Students attending the trip to NASA will get to experience the incredible science undertakings that is space travel. Students will be in America for 12 days and in this time will visit the Kennedy Space Centre, California Academy of science and make a stop at Disney world to finish.

Students are invited to ask questions to experts in the space and research fields, explore potential career options, see what life as an astronaut is like and partake in a wide variety of hands on learning opportunities.