This year, year 8 camp was done differently with the year being split into 2 groups. The students headed to Log Cabin Camp in Creswick. This camp aims to work on the schools’ values, in particular, teamwork. Students participated in a wide range of activities such as canoeing, giant swing, ziplining, archery, commando course, the leap of faith, crate stacking and orienteering. The entire group also did hut building where they needed to use resources to create their huts, working in teams to try and make them waterproof, followed by making dampers on the fire.











The students all showed great team spirit and trust-building, especially on the leap of faith, where students were to climb a 10-meter ladder and jump off the top, trusting their team to hold onto the harness to keep them safe. Nearly every student participated to the best of their ability, pushing their boundaries, even if they didn’t make it to the top. This showed amazing resilience to keep going even if a little bit fearful.

The camp staff were awesome with all of the students. They were able to build trust quickly with the students to help push them further than they expected. The food was especially good, with the food being a real highlight for a lot of students too! A big thanks to all the staff who helped out across the camp, Ms Grace Terdich, Ms Bell Karisserickal, Ms Ruby McMillan, Ms Lucy Han, Ms Sarah Crespo, Ms Alex Whitty, Mr Travis Knox, Mr Ben Gough, Mr Jason Knee, Mr Tom Wilson and Mr Zane Fernandes.

Student Reflection:
“Camp this year was quite an enjoyable experience. Out of the three days that we were at the Log Cabin Camp, they were filled with fun activities and time to get to know each other better. My favourite activities that we did were canoeing since we got to go on the dam with friends and play games in our canoes, as well as the leap of faith, because of how exhilarating it was to jump from the plank to try and touch the object in the air. Even though we would get free time after activities, some of the most fun I had was participating in the trivia on the second night. We competed against each other in cabins to answer a variety of questions, and as a result, my cabin came out on top and won! Overall, I had an amazing time at Year 8 camp and I am grateful for the memories that I have created”