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Monash Children’s Hospital Visit

Following our most successful Community Action Day yet at the end of Term 1, our College Principal Mrs Koziaris and student leaders Aaron Kenny, Nabid Rahman and Elizabeth Demosthenous headed to the Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton to present them with a cheque for $4500 dollars. The hospital staff were extremely thankful for the generosity shown by the South Oakleigh College community and took our group for a tour of the hospital’s educational facilities, giving an insight into where the money would be spent. All South Oakleigh students should be very proud of themselves for raising this huge amount of money.

Monash Childrens’s Hospital News






Astrophysics with Brian Greene at the MCEC

Brian Greene at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Thanks to Year 10 student Manan Behal, who found out about the eminent Professor Brian Greene talk at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the last day of term 1. Manan Behal found out about the talk through her membership in the Australian Youth Space Science organisation founded by Henry Wu, a Year 12 student at Camberwell Grammer school. It was quite an expedition including two amazing free lectures by world famous Theoretical Astrophysicist Brian Greene, with dinner at Crown in between. Thanks to Mr Blattman who drove the school bus with 23 students.

The students who should gain maximum points for their respective houses, for going on an excursion after school on the last day of term arriving back at school after 9:30pm, spending more time on the excursion than they had at school, were:

Year 7: Prathiksha Ashok Raj Kumar,  Brody Houttuin,  Zachary Heal,  Maple La,  Penny Pantoulis, Chanul Pattuwage,  Cameron Robinson and Matthew Tirca

Year 8: Noah Abdilla, Karsh Patel and Jy Sneesby

Year 9: Andrew Leap, Jade Ralston-Lloyd,  Megan Robinson, Jade Short,  Lefteri Tsitourdis and Aneesh Yellishetty

Year 10: Manan Behal and Janna Fortelaza

Year 11: Jerusha Buckland and Dimitri Gahtidis

Year 12: Ryan O’Shea and Mitchell Wilkin

Please see a youtube video excerpt of Brian Greene talking to the students:

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