Principal’s Message

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the digital gateway of South Oakleigh College. As the principal, I am honoured to guide a community of learners who are bound by a commitment to excellence and a set of core values that shape every facet of our school life.

Our mission at South Oakleigh College is to empower each student with the skills, knowledge, and character to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Through a rigorous and engaging curriculum, supported by our core values, we aim to prepare students not only for academic success but also for a life of purpose and significance. At South Oakleigh College we uphold the values of High Expectations Respect Responsibility, Resilience Teamwork as the bedrock of our educational philosophy. These values are not mere words but guiding principles that define how we learn, interact, and grow as individuals and as a collective community.

We believe that setting High Expectations for ourselves and our students cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and achievement. By embracing High Expectations for all, we create an environment that fosters innovation, intellectual curiosity, and a hunger for knowledge that extends beyond the classroom.

Respect is the cornerstone of our community. How we treat each other with dignity, empathy, and consideration, valuing the diverse perspectives enriches both our experiences and relationships. By embracing respect, we create an inclusive environment where collaboration and cooperation flourish through fostering unity and understanding.

Our commitment to Responsibility goes beyond academics. With a focus on provide our students a sense of duty to their education, their peers, and the world at large. Through accountability and ethical decision-making, we aim is to nurture leaders who will contribute positively to society.

Resilience empowers us to face adversity with courage and determination. At South Oakleigh College, we see challenges as opportunities for growth. Through resilience, our students develop the tenacity to overcome obstacles, transforming setbacks into stepping stones toward success.

And through Teamwork we work collaboratively to achieve our personal best for self and others.

As you explore our website, you will discover the myriad ways in which our values and mission are woven into the fabric of our school community. I encourage you to engage with us, learn about our programs, and witness firsthand the vibrant learning environment at South Oakleigh College.

Warm regards,

Helen Koziaris
College Principal
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