School camps are an integral part of the secondary school journey for each student, and facilitate the opportunity to explore, extend and broaden their learning and development in a variety of settings away from the traditional school environment. Our camps encompass a number of unique and engaging experiences that are designed to promote friendship, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, resilience and independence  

More specifically, students will develop the following skills and personal capabilities as part of the Victorian curriculum:

  1. Social and inter-personal skills: the opportunity to develop social skills and teamwork; enabling them to build new friendships by connecting with others they don’t usually engage with and strengthen existing friendships. 
  2. Independence: an opportunity to develop skills in independence and self-confidence 
  3. Decision-making: opportunity to build student capacity in critical thinking and problem solving. 
  4. Historical, Environmental and Cultural Awareness: exposure to authentic, nature-based experiences and development of cultural awareness. 
  5. New skills: exposure to new activities that students may not have tried before, enhancing their life experiences. 


  • Year 7 – Alexandra Adventure Camp
  • Year 8 Camp
  • Year 9 – City Experience
  • Year 10 / 11 – Northern Territory and North Queensland
  • Year 12 Retreat
  • Greece & Japan Language Immersion
  • USA NASA Camp
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