Instrumental Music

Artistic Expression

Welcome to South Oakleigh College, where the power of music takes centre stage! We are thrilled to present our exceptional Instrumental Music program, designed to inspire and cultivate a lifelong love of music.

At South Oakleigh College, we believe that instrumental music not only enhances students’ creativity but also fosters discipline, teamwork, and personal growth.

With a dedicated team of experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of instruments to choose from, our program offers a harmonious blend of learning, performance, and artistic expression.

We are proud to offer tuition in Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums. Our Instrumental Music students also take part in one of our musical ensembles and are given the opportunity to perform at a variety of school events throughout the year.

Our ensembles have performed at events all over Melbourne, and our former students have gone on to form their own bands and performance careers, in Musical Theatre, Artist Management, Stage Management, a variety of bands and solo performers, and even a Universal Music record contract. Whether you aspire to play classical, jazz, reggae, funk, rock or pop, our comprehensive program ensures that every musical passion is nurtured and celebrated. Join us on this melodic journey and discover the transformative power of Instrumental Music at South Oakleigh College.

Lesson Structure

Tuition fees are in addition to school fees and will be charged for a full year. Music tuition fees incorporates 32 lessons (8 lessons per term). Lessons commence at the beginning of the year after tuition fee has been paid in full. Instrumental tuition is offered in a variety of formats, with varying fee schedules, to cater for the individual requirements of each music student.

All students studying VCE Music Performance Units 1 – 4 are required to participate in 45 minute private lessons on their chosen musical instrument (including voice) as part of their course. It is vital for students to continue their private lessons throughout the duration of this subject. It is highly recommended that students undertake these lessons at South Oakleigh College.

Hire of Instruments

South Oakleigh Secondary College has a variety of instruments available for hire subject to availability. It is expected that students enrolled in instrumental lessons have access to an instrument to both practice with at-home and to take to lessons, ensemble rehearsals and performances. Drums and Keyboards will be provided within the classroom setting for lessons, ensembles rehearsals and at performances.

Ensemble Program

The opportunity for South Oakleigh College students to learn an instrument and be part of an ensemble poses many benefits to the students’ health and wellbeing not to mention a sense of belonging that being part of this wonderful program has to offer.

As well as a host of school concerts held each year, we also offer special music incursion days in March and September each year. All these performances feature students from across the school, and we pride ourselves on having audiences of highly enthusiastic and supportive students, staff and parents.


If you would like your child to participate in the instrumental Music Program at South Oakleigh College, please contact our head of music Mr Aidan Prewett at

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