Documents, Policies & Reports

At South Oakleigh College, we are committed to the wellbeing of our school community, our Policies are developed in accordance with the Department of Education and our College Council.

Our college policies and procedures are available below. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the school.

Child Safety Policies and Procedures

South Oakleigh College is committed to promotion and protecting the interests and safety of all our students.

The College ensures that the people who care for our students act in their best interests and take all reasonable steps to provide a safe and secure school environment. We have zero tolerance for child abuse.

Every staff member at the College is responsible for the care and protection of children and reporting information about child abuse. The College has a duty of care to provide safe, open and supportive environments that protect our students.

Creating child-safe school environments is a dynamic process that involves active participation and responsibility by the College, families and our community. It is marked by collaboration, vigilance and proactive approaches across policies, procedures, curriculum and practices.

Schools’ Privacy Policy

Our school values the privacy of every person. When collecting and managing personal and health information, all school staff must comply with Victorian privacy law. For more information about privacy including how to access personal and health information held by the school about you or your child, see our school’s privacy policy

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