Performing Arts

College Productions

Students are encouraged to develop performance skills within the core and elective programs available at South Oakleigh College

Every year South Oakleigh students are invited to audition for the annual musical theatre production. Students of all year levels can take part in a whole-school theatrical experience. The 2022 school musical was ‘Matilda’ it was a very energetic and lively show, which the students all thoroughly enjoyed.

Production Benefits:

  • Self-esteem and confidence booster
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • An opportunity for students of all year levels to work together in a creative and nurturing environment.

Drama Studies

Students study Drama in year 7 and it becomes an elective subject in years 9 and 10. Drama is offered as a VCE subject where students device their own ensemble and solo performances.

VCE Drama can assist students who are interested in a career in Acting, Direction, Stage Management, Sound and Lighting Design, Set Design, Costume Design and Journalism.

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