Student Wellbeing

Navigating the challenges of youth can be quite demanding. Relationships, stressors, and both emotional and physical well-being can significantly influence a student’s outlook and performance.

At South Oakleigh College, our dedicated Student Wellbeing Team leads a college-wide initiative aimed at empowering students to understand and enhance their physical, social, and emotional health. Comprising a leading educator, a counsellor, a nurse, and Mental Health Practitioner, this team offers personalised assistance as well as engaging programs, events, and connections to community resources.

Students can easily access wellbeing support by scheduling appointments directly with team members or by being referred by their year level coordinator, other staff members, parents, or caregivers. The Wellbeing Team excels at not only listening to students’ concerns but also collaborating on viable solutions or facilitating access to external support networks.

South Oakleigh College’s Holistic Approach

Wellbeing encompasses various layers of support, including:

  • Peer Support Program
  • Extended mentorship initiatives
  • Wellbeing-focused days
  • Health promotion endeavors like ‘Wellness Week’

Targeted support measures

  • Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid program for Year 8 and Year 11 students
  • Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program
  • Gender-specific groups: Girls Group and Boys Group
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) games group program
  • Programs for emotional regulation

Visiting services

We also offer connections to visiting services, such as:

  • Anglicare Reconnect program
  • Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS)
  • Visiting Psychologists
  • Student Support Services (SSS)
  • Community-Based Mentors

External resources

  • Counseling services via Castlemaine & District Community Health
  • Specialized mental health services like CAMHS and Headspace

South Oakleigh College, in collaboration with families and numerous community organizations, is actively cultivating connections to mutually achieve our objectives. Our partnerships continually bolster the well-being and learning of our students while also promoting community growth. Through initiatives Psychologist in Schools Program, students gain access to essential health and social services.

As a part of the dynamic Monash Council Network, South Oakleigh College actively participates in youth-driven endeavors that create opportunities within the community. The strong bonds between South Oakleigh College and the broader community prioritize well-being, targeted health and social services, student leadership, and community development initiatives.

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