Student Support Services & Facilities

Students’ Academic Program

Students who have enrolled with us, and who have not completed their IELTS, attend an English Language Centre to undertake intensive English Language classes with the key focus to prepare them to join mainstream classes. Our International Student Coordinator and Assistant communicate with the Language Centre to help students transition into our school. 

Students have the opportunity to study over 25 VCE subjects, which may include the students’ own language at VSL (Victorian School of Languages) on a Saturday morning, university level studies, as well as technically orientated studies. Senior Year 11 and 12 VCE classes are generally smaller, with an average of 22 students per class. EAL classes are usually less than 20 students. Students are provided with extensive support to assist them in choosing an appropriate VCE program.

How do we support students?

We pride ourselves on having an open-door policy of student support. Students are encouraged to seek assistance whenever they need it.

We have an International Team, which comprises of Anthony Katsianos (Assistant Principal), our International Student Coordinator and International Student Assistant. Students are also supported by our Careers/Pathways Coordinator, Wellbeing Team (including Mental Health Practitioners), Directors of Students and Year Level Coordinators.

Students can seek support from our International Team both in person and online via Microsoft Teams, in order to be accessible to students.

After School Homework & Study Help

On Mondays and Wednesdays, South Oakleigh College provides a Homework Club, VCE Maths Tutoring and Year 12 Study Sessions after school.

These sessions are available from 3:20pm-4:20pm and are compulsory for all International students to attend as part of our program. At these sessions, our International Student Coordinator and Assistant provide support for students of various language groups with assistance from our multicultural teachers.

These sessions are used by some students to improve English Language understanding and exercise the curriculum areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. A particular focus for other students is understanding task instructions and content from all of their subject areas.

At these sessions, students are encouraged to seek assistance from staff, revise their understanding of the concepts they covered in classes, draft their written assessments and edit these for spelling and grammar. Staff available during these sessions include a VCE Maths Tutor from Monash University, our qualified Assistant and trained English teachers.

Our International Student Assistant also attends some classes with Senior International Students and provides one-to-one assistance during class time.

International Students are encouraged to participate in the College’s many enrichment programs and clubs, such as Student Leadership and Public Speaking. Other opportunities for International Students to immerse themselves in our school culture include sports and music programs provided at the College.

Facilities at South Oakleigh include

  • Convenient location, serviced by regular public transport routes.
  • Accelerated VCE programs available for Year 10 students.
  • Extensive music and performing arts programs, with a major annual production in our school theatre.
  • Instrumental music program.
  • TV Studio, which is linked to the whole curriculum.
  • A school canteen that caters to various needs, including vegetarian options.
  • A VCE Study Centre, with a Year 12 kitchen.
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