Student Leadership

Personal Development

By promoting personal development, peer-to-peer learning and global citizenship, students can make a measurable impact in meaningful roles across our Student Leadership Teams at South Oakleigh College.

Students from Years 7 – 12 across all Houses are chosen to represent the student body in designated student leadership positions. Their roles include

  • building relationships and community spirit
  • proactively responding to student concern
  • initiating, facilitating & empowering change through student voice and agency
  • representing students at functions and meetings

Student leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Share their ideas and opinions on behalf of their peers
  • Help shape the development & direction of the College
  • Represent the College in various internal & external functions
  • Learn and develop interpersonal knowledge and skills
  • Meet new people inside & outside the College

Leaders are recognised for their contribution with a formal certificate and badge that can be used for job & scholarship applications.

Student Leadership Structure

The primary liaison between students, staff, parents and other members of the College Community.

Oversee the day-to-day operations & strategic planning of the Student Representative Council’s Portfolio system

Work with their House Leaders to develop House spirit, facilitate student engagement for House events and build relationships with the students and staff in their House.

Work with the Health & P.E. team to promote physical activity within the College Community.

Work with the Arts & Music Team to promote arts, music & theatre within the College Community

Facilitate the Peer Support Program and assist the Student Services Team in supporting the transition of Year 7 students

Students from Years 7 – 12 across all Houses are chosen to represent the student body. Leaders collaboratively create a vision for a key area within the school and plan how to achieve set goals for the year. The S.R.C. also gives back to the community each year through initiatives and fundraisers for the wider community. Each representative is allocated to a Portfolio to correlate to identified key areas by students.

Students from Years 10 – 12 plan and facilitate activities for Year 7 students covering topics such as transition, study skills and the school values to support their adjustment to high school.

Student Leaders participate in a variety of initiatives across the College to enhance the student experience and increase their agency & voice in the academic and extra-curricular spaces. They plan, facilitate and reflect on these activities and events, which provides valuable personal and professional development which they then take into the rest of their lives.

  • Harmony Week – celebrating our diversity and multiculturalness as a community 
  • Breakfast Club – hosted by our Student Leaders every week
  • Breakfast Club Sponsor – Rotary Club of Oakleigh, Clayton & Huntingdale 
  • Breakfast Club Sponsor – Bendigo Bank Murrumbeena Branch 
  • Wellfest Week – promoting the importance of all dimensions of health
  • Salvation Army Food & Toy Drive – supporting social causes into the broader community 
  • 2022 Student Voice in Differentiation Focus Group 
  • Year 7 BBQ 
  • Peer Support Program 
  • House Athletics Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival 
  • Luna New Year Celebrations 
  • College Production
  • Open Night 
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