Enhancement Programs

Enhance Your Learning

At South Oakleigh College, education transcends traditional classrooms, and our enhancement programs embody this philosophy. We are dedicated to nurturing the passions, talents, and aspirations of our students through a range of enriching activities that complement their academic journey.

We offer students a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and enrichment clubs, operating during and after school hours. An overview of our enrichment programs include:

Homework Club

Students can work on assignments, catch up on classwork, finalise formal assessment tasks or just revise their learning. Historically, the strongest focus in this Club tends to be in mathematics, with many students attending to gain confidence with the mathematical concepts they are learning in class every week.

Operating after school from 3.20pm every Monday and Wednesday, attendance is completely voluntary with flexibility for when students arrive and leave each session.

VCE Study Sessions

Year 12 study sessions run every Monday and Wednesday after school hours in the VCE Study Centre. In these sessions, students can seek support from our VCE teacher volunteers in their specialist subjects, ranging from Food Studies, Physics and Psychology. The atmosphere of this club is calm and supportive.

VCE Maths Tutoring

A Maths tutor from Monash University visits every Monday and Wednesday after school. This tutor can help students with VCE General Maths, Maths Methods or Specialist Maths.

Our tutor delivers mini lessons to students based on their point of need. This tutoring help is free to students.


Students discuss STEM and do hands-on activities, such as working on solar powered robots. The club is forming partnerships with universities to increase STEM learning opportunities.

Debating Club

The debating team practices their public speaking, as well as research and critical thinking skills. They research various topics and form arguments and rebuttals. They could represent the College at Interschool Debating Competitions throughout the year.

Art Club

Students dabble in whichever mediums they choose, whether it be painting, drawing, lino-cutting, sculpting, etc.

TV/Film Club

Held in the TV Studio, students can learn everything that goes into making any production come alive, from producing and directing, to editing or acting, even creating their own podcast! Students learn their way around our fully operational Theatre as well.

College Production

Our college production is a highlight of the school calendar. Auditions are held early in the year and then every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, rehearsals take place. Students can join as a member of the cast or the all-important back-stage crew

Concert Band

The Concert Band brings together a wide range of instruments including Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion. Together the Concert Band brings to life a series of complex arrangements of pieces in a range of musical styles. This ensemble is open to students enrolled in Instrumental Music, on an audition basis.


The SOC Choir harnesses the transformative power of Voice, crafting exquisite harmonies and emotive interpretations. This ensemble is open to all students enrolled in Instrumental Music.

Rock Band

The SOC Rock Band ignites the stage with raw energy and electrifying rock and roll. This ensemble is open to students enrolled in Instrumental Music, on an audition basis.

Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Ensemble is an elite group of our top-performing Strings, Woodwind and Piano students. This ensemble is open to students enrolled in Instrumental Music, on an audition basis.

Pop Ensemble

The Pop Ensemble is a dynamic group that brings together a wide range of Keyboard and Rhythm Section players. This ensemble is open to all students enrolled in Instrumental Music.

Guitar Ensemble

The Guitar Ensemble is a vibrant musical collective where students come together to cultivate their musical talents through the captivating sounds of guitars. This ensemble is open to all students enrolled in Instrumental Music.

Inclusion Club

This club celebrates the inclusion of all students in the LGBTQIA+ community and allys. They organise events such as IDAHOBIT Day and Wear It Purple Day to further extend diversity and awareness in our college community.

Reconciliation Action Committee

Students in this club meet to discuss First Nations history culture and the importance of reconciliation. They plan ways to celebrate First Nations significant events and cultural traditions at school, with consolation with Elders and First Nations Leaders in the community, as well as further educate the school about reconciliation.

Sustainability Club

Students plan sustainable projects, such as veggie gardens, bread tag and battery recycling competitions and activities to further educate the school on sustainability.

Fitness Club

Held in the Fitness Centre, students use the gym equipment offered and the assistance of health teachers that are available in planning their workouts safely.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a leading structured youth development program, empowering all young Australians between age 14 to 25 to explore their full potential regardless of their location or circumstance.  The Award is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations.

At South Oakleigh College, students in Year 9 can participate in the Bronze level and will have the option to continue to complete the Silver and Gold levels.

The Award is a program involving community service and adventure-based activities of a practical and physical nature. 

Anime Club

Students gather weekly to watch and discuss anime.

Breakfast Club

Our early rising SRC members run Breakfast Club before schools every Thursday, starting service to the school community at 8AM. The weekly menu includes: cereal, toast, fruit, hot chocolate, tea – and on some special days, bacon and eggs!

Chess Club

Students use their strategy, and connect to fellow Chess players. Chess club is a great opportunity to increase your abilities, and no experience is required to join!


Students use their creativity to build LEGO creations, with optional themes to build each session. Students have the opportunity to continually build onto their creations each week.

Tabletop Gaming Club

Students gather to fight dragons and build their teamwork skills in exciting and challenging narrative adventures such as Catan and Dungeons & Dragons

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