Year 7 Transition Program

At South Oakleigh College, the smooth transition of students from Grade 6 to Year 7 is a top priority for our staff and Student Leadership Team. This process is facilitated by our dedicated Transition Coordinator. Despite the thrill of progressing to secondary school, it can be intimidating for many. We’re here to help students navigate this significant life change.

Transition begins in Primary School

Starting as early as Grade 5, students familiarise themselves with the college through regular visits and participation in various activities, leadership programs, and special events. This proactive approach fosters early bonds between the transition team and future students.

We also extend our support beyond the college premises. Our Director of Students, Director of Wellbeing, Year 7 Level Leader, past students, and other college representatives visit affiliated primary schools. Here, young learners can connect with current students, quelling their anxieties about secondary school. When they later visit the college, they find familiar faces, cultivating a sense of belonging early on.


In early December every Grade 6 student in Victoria is invited to attend their future secondary school. Upon arrival at South Oakleigh College students are placed into their future class and will meet some of their new teachers. Current Year 7 students, Peer Support Leaders and members of the College Student Leadership Team are on hand to act as guides and special friends to the fresh and enthusiastic faces of our future Year 7 students. 

Students are not the only people nervous about starting secondary school and leaving their old school behind. Families and carers are often just as apprehensive as students on this day. A Family Orientation and Information Evening is held to support their child’s transition into secondary school, outlining general information about the College curriculum, camp details, an opportunity to place new uniform orders, pay contribution charges and receive information about second-hand books and uniform sales.

Induction Program

Entering Year 7 at South Oakleigh College is exciting for young learners, but it’s also a significant change. We acknowledge the challenges this transition brings, such as managing diverse subjects, a new timetable, new teachers, public transport, making new friends, and a higher degree of organisation and independence. Our comprehensive Year 7 Induction Program, therefore, is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in secondary school. It provides a safe space for students to understand the college’s functions and develop a sense of community, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition.

Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition 2023-2024

Welcome to our 2024 Year 7 students and families, we look forward to you joining the South Oakleigh College community. 

Two transition packs will be distributed to families which will detail all relevant information to ensure a smooth transition into the College. These transition packs will be made available below once distribution has been completed. 

If you have any additional questions about transitioning into Year 7 please direct them to:

The below link will take you to an online form that we require all families to complete to ensure a smooth transition into the College. The form will provide both you and ourselves information regarding: 

  • Year 7 Orientation Day 
  • Languages other than English (LOTE) Program 
  • Accelerated Program testing 
  • Laptop Payment Portal 
  • Year 7 Sports Program 
  • Student Image Consent 
  • Sports Development Program 
  • Instrumental Music Program

Use the checklist below to ensure that you have completed and/or returned, all the required forms by Friday 15 September 2023.

Transition Pack One

Forms to be Completed

Due By

Online Form: Grade 6 – 7 Transition Information

All Forms (9 Pages)

Friday 15 September

Booklet One: 1-to-1 Learning Technology Information

Laptop Payment Portal (to be completed online)

Monday 20 November (to receive before end of Term 4)

After 20 November January (to receive before Term 1)

Sport and Excursion Permission Form

Sport and Excursion Permission Form

Friday 15 September

Acceptable Digital Technology Usage Agreement

Acceptable Digital Technology Usage Agreement

Friday 15 September

Important Events & Deadlines:

Events / Deadline


Accelerated Program EduTest Testing Day

Friday 6 October: 9.15am (registration) 09.25am – 12.30pm (test duration)

Family Information Night

Tuesday 12 September 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Scholarship Applications

Friday 15 September

Year 7 Orientation Day

Tuesday 12 December 8.45am – 3.10pm

Preliminary Testing Day (incl. Accelerated EduTest Students)

Term 4 Date TBC

This package is Transition Pack Two which contains valuable information to help prepare both you and your child for 2023. It contains the following forms, some of which need to be filled in and returned to the College by the elected due dates:

Transition Pack One

Forms to be Completed


Compass Login Details

Not Applicable (This information will be sent in a separate email by Compass)

Not Applicable

A-Z Guide to South Oakleigh College

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

PSW Uniform List

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

SSR Year 7 CSEF Uniform package information and application form

If Applicable

Friday 15 September

CSEF Eligibility Form

Page 1

Friday 17 November

Year 7 Booklist & Year 7 Early English Booklist

Online via Campion: Early English Booklist provides students the opportunity to receive their novels prior to the school holidays so they can begin reading them during the break.

Sustainable School Shop

Sustainable School Shop website

Not Applicable

Enrolment Information Review

Please review your enrolment information and ensure you send through any changes that are required. (This will be sent in a separate email to this one).

Friday 17 November

Year 7 Family Payment & Charges

Fee Schedule can be viewed on our website after 23rd October. Payments can be made via Compass from 29th January 2024

Year 7 Waratah Beach Camp

Further details and payment options for the Year 7 camp will be made available via Compass early next year. 

For a positive transition into secondary school, please ensure your child is equipped with all required materials for the beginning of the school year. 

Students are expected to wear a blazer to and from school, on all excursions, formal College evenings and on Photo Day. School ties are also required for excursions and school photos for students who choose to wear a collared shirt. School Photos are scheduled for February 8th. 

We remind you of the following important event:

  • Orientation Day: Tuesday 12 December 2023, 8.35am – 3.10pm
    Students are to wear their Primary School uniform 

We look forward to working with you and your family to ensure that your child achieves the successes they deserve.

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