College Facilities

The South Oakleigh College learning and teaching environment encourages creativity and collaboration, with contemporary open spaces which complement an innovative curriculum.

Over the past year, the facilities at South Oakleigh College have been undergoing a rebuilding program in alignment with the Oakleigh Education Plan. Supporting the planning and infrastructure of a new competition-grade gymnasium and a new state-of-the-art STEM centre.


An expanded and improved gymnasium enables South Oakleigh College students to train and compete in a competition-grade sporting facility for netball, basketball and a range of other sports.

Located along-side our new gymnasium is an extended active zone, for ball games and a space for students to gather for outdoor group learning and socializing. 

Debbie Locco Centre (STEM Centre)

Our new STEM centre is the heart for South Oakleigh College students to thieve in all areas of science – equipping them with the facility and resources they need to develop life-long skills.

Facilities include:

  • Flexible general science classrooms
  • Contemporary laboratory for science theory
  • Tiered Amphitheatre for students to present their discoveries
  • Dedicated science courtyard for outdoor learning

Christine Strachan Theatre

The Christine Strachan Theatre comfortable seats 350 audience members and is equipped with balcony wings, dressing rooms and make-up rooms. The audio and visual facilities within the theatre provide our students with opportunities to participate in a professional theatre setting.

Our College theatre is available for hire, please contact our Theatre Manager Philip Clark:

Fitness Centre

Our Fitness Centre holds a range of professional gym equipment, giving our students the opportunity to work out in a supervised environment. This space allows students to learn equipment safety and ensure they are using each piece of equipment properly to reap optimal benefits.

It is a way to mix up the usual Physical Education class whilst learning about the human body.

The Arts

South Oakleigh College has a range of facilities catered for The Arts:

  • Poppi O’Connor Art Gallery
  • Music Recording Studio
  • Multi Art Studios
  • Specialist Music Facilities

College Library

The South Oakleigh College Library focuses on creating a reading environment for students of all year levels and abilities. Access to computers, study areas and a relaxed reading section enhances learning.

During lunch, the library is a welcoming and supportive space. There are opportunities for students to connect by playing chess and other board and card games, or to simply relax with a book or magazine.

TV Studio & Multimedia Facilities

Our College features an extensive range of multimedia facilities including a fully functioning TV Studio with editing facilities and a mezzanine for live audience participation. Featuring a sound recording studio for podcast production, and any pre and post production equipment our students may need.


We are proud to be the only educational facility in the Southern Hemisphere to operate a SMALLab. SMALLab is a room-sized interactive workspace where students are up out of their seats, moving as they learn. Students and teachers love the experience, and research demonstrates that SMALLab increases student learning, improves teacher performance, and drives more student-led learning.

SMALLab integrates ultra-precise motion-capture technology with an immersive floor projection, designed for educators by educators. Including unlimited access to thousands of standards-aligned activities covering all grades and subjects.

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