Senior School

Curriculum Outline

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The Senior School at South Oakleigh College comprises Years 10, 11 and 12. South Oakleigh College provides all students with MIPS (Managed Individual Pathway) counselling so as to inform their Senior School subject and Career choices. At the conclusion of senior schooling they are assisted with VTAC applications and the pursuance of their Pathway, be it University, TAFE, Employment or other.

We have high expectations of all our students, encouraging them to perform at their academic best whether they are going to University or not. South Oakleigh College offers a truly innovative VCE & VET Program across the 3 levels. Years 10 & 11 students study VCE & VET Units 1 & 2 and subjects and Years 11 & 12 students study VCE & VET Units 3 & 4 and subjects.

This system, introduced in 2014, establishes a clear point of difference in Senior Secondary Schooling between South Oakleigh College and other schools in the district.

The opportunity to maximise Study Scores and ATAR scores is clear:

  • Students may study Units 3 & 4 subjects in Year 11 and then again in Year 12 with no penalty imposed by the VCAA, hence improving Study Scores
  • Students have the potential to have studied a larger number of Units 3 & 4 subjects over the final two years. The extra subjects attract a 10% bonus in the calculation of the ATAR Score

Apart form Study Scores and ATARs this system offers genuine acceleration and enrichment opportunities for all, as well as an opportunity for weaker students to complete the VCE over three years.

VCE Subjects Offered

Accounting Biology Business Management
Chemistry Design & Technology English
English – Additional Language Food Studies Greek
History Information Technology IT Software Development
Literature Maths: Further Maths Maths: Maths Methods
Maths: Specialist Maths Media Physical Education
Physics Politics Psychology
Studio Art Systems Engineering Theatre Studies
 Classical Greek Visual Communication & Design

VET Subjects Offered

  • Interactive Digital Media (VCE VET)
  • Technical Production (VCE VET)
  • Hairdressing Certificate 2
  • Retail Makeup & Skin Care Certificate 2

External VCE & VET Studies

Students may enrol in additional Units not offered by South Oakleigh College through other VCE /VET providers e.g.

Students are allocated a school support staff member and have the study sessions included in their timetable.

Successful Completion of VCE

To be awarded a VCE certificate, a student must satisfactorily complete:

  • At least 16 VCE units (any combination of Units 1, 2, 3 or 4 subjects)
  • A minimum of 3 units of English including one at Unit 3 or 4 level (from English, EAL or Literature)
  • A minimum of four sequences of Unit 3 & 4 subjects (including at least one English subject as above)

Completion of the VCE is independent of the student’s ATAR score.

How ATAR is Calculated

Add the units 3 & 4 Study Scores: Max Possible Score:
“Top Four” Subjects Best Unit 3 & 4 English sequence 50
Best 3 non-English sequences 3 x 50 = 150
Extra Subjects 10% of the score of the 5th other subject 5
10% of the score of the 6th other subject 5