Camps & Travel

Below you can read more about our students experiences during both educational overseas trips and college camps.

A Trip to Cambodia.

Five students from Year 10 and 11 set out to make a difference in 2014!

After twelve months of planning, preparation and fundraising a group pf keen South Oakleigh College students boarded an airplane bound for Siem Reap Cambodia. With some insight and a few expectations as to what we would encounter we said goodbye to our family and friends for twelve days.

Arriving at Rainbow Orphanage on the second day was intriguing and gave us an insight into the challenges of local village life. The weather, scorching hot and humid, sent beads rolling down the surface of our temples and other crevasses of our body. Stepping off our air-conditioned bus onto a dirt courtyard felt like launching into an oven!

Our task for the next five days was to assist in the construction of a water storage unit to supply water not only to the occupants of Rainbow Orphanage but to the local children who come to the orphanage for English and Computer Classes on a daily basis. Where we could, we also assisted with the general maintenance and daily running of the orphanage, including digging a road (which washed away in the storm the next day), grouting a newly tiled kitchen floor, washing and scrubbing a newly grouted floor and teaching students “sh” and “th” words!

Unbeknown to the group, we found ourselves in the Rainbow community during a Buddhist holiday and a three am wake up call reminded us of this important celebration! Behind the orphanage was a pagoda, where from about 3am-5:30am the villagers and Monks prayed, chanted and worshiped and if you couldn’t make it out of bed that early, no problems, the service was broadcast over a loud speaker for the entire village to hear! Our task during the celebration was “waste management.” On the holiest day of the festival, our crew joined forces with the children from the orphanage to ensure the ground of the pagoda was clean and free of rubbish!

Each afternoon, once the harshness of the daily sun was reduced, we were treated to a bicycle adventure around the local villages from our local guide Chu. We visited families who still have no access to water, we witnessed children playing volleyball, people fishing, endless plains of rice fields and on one occasion were caught in a storm and torrential down pour! (We were visiting in the wet season).

After our five days at Rainbow orphanage, after listening to the stories of the children and young adults who call Rainbow their home we said our farewells. It was hard to turn away from the village knowing that day in day out life was extremely challenging for our visitors. However, with our small contributions and further awareness and exposure of these challenges perhaps we can always remember to show gratitude and an appreciation of where we come from and what we have.

The Greek Trip

Greek students win trip to Rethymno; Mrs Dimakakos’ Greek classes travelled to Greece on a fully funded trip paid by the Greek government. The students performed a play that they had written during class time.

The play was presented to a fully packed audience in Rethymno, Crete. “I was incredibly proud to perform in the country where theatre was born” stated a Year 11 student.

A Trip to Japan

At South Oakleigh College, we offer a trip to Japan. We visit traditional and modern aspects of Japan where students will experience the exotic cities of Kyoto and Nara and the exciting modern aspects of Tokyo, Akihabara (Electronics town), and Tokyo Disney Land.

At our school, some parts of the trips are planned and organised by students where students are in control and responsible for their way around. Students will be able to see in the reality what they have learned in the class room. They will be able to taste, smell, and touch the culture of the country and most of all, talk to the people of Japan in their native language.

Year 7 Transition Camp

All Year 7 students are expected to attend the Year 7 Transition Camp in late February. The camp spans two nights and three days where students participate in a variety of activities that centre on our College values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

The camp provides students with a great opportunity to develop friendships, make stronger connections with their Pastoral teacher and participate in a range of exciting outdoor adventure activities.