Peer Support

Our Purpose

The Peer Support Program is designed to train students to undertake the role of leaders for Year 7 students.

The main focus of the program is to help our Year 7 students as they make the transition from primary school to secondary school so that they feel supported in a new school environment.

Our Year 10 Leaders

Students who have worked well in a two-day training program will be accepted as program leaders. They must be excellent role models for the Year 7 students to whom they will deliver an organised program the following year.

Our leaders will attend meetings outside of class in order to discuss sessions and ideas. They will be encouraged to develop their organisational and communication skills while maintaining their academic standard at school.

Our Year 7 Students

Our Year 7 students will be encouraged to meet and make friends outside their core group as Peer Support groups will include approximately three students from every core group. The size of each group will vary from seven to ten students and a combination of factors will include the final mix of each group. These will include core group, language studied, nationality and gender. Students will be encouraged to form friendships across the year level.

The relationships built between the Year 10 leaders and Year 7 students will result in lasting bonds throughout their school years.