Student Leadership

South Oakleigh Secondary College holds a holistic outlook, aiming to cater for the different needs of all students and be able to prepare them to be capable, independent citizens. Along with knowledge and understanding, leadership is one of the most crucial skills you can develop. We offer an extensive program to ensure students develop the ability to lead, help and inspire others.

Our students are encouraged to contribute to the school’s community and culture in a way that is meaningful to them. Students at South Oakleigh College aim to put forth ideas to make a difference to not only to themselves and other students, but also to staff and the overall community. This responsibility allows students to truly shine, and be rewarded in many different ways for their efforts.

The College’s Student Council independently runs its own programs, activities and events. Some current initiatives include:

  • Peer activities: Senior students volunteer to assist junior students. Our weekly homework club highlights the community spirit within the College, with senior students volunteering to help those attending the club. The Student Council also hosts a weekly breakfast club, open to all students. This is aimed at helping students get to know one another and support each other across year levels, while receiving a free nutritious breakfast!
  • Community awareness: Students’ work is not limited to within the College’s boundaries. Voluntary and fundraising work throughout the community allows students to gain a broader perspective and deepen their knowledge of other people, cultures and our society. Students have participated in events such as Relay for Life and Lord Somers Camp activities.
  • International Aid: The student council has been working tirelessly to raise money for an upcoming Cambodia Orphanage mission trip. School events such as dress up days and sporting activities have contributed to this.
  • Harmony Day: The Student Council celebrates this event annually. The day includes providing a lunch, organising a concert and celebrating the different cultures at our College. The day aims to create tolerance and understating between different cultures and to encourage students to share their individual experiences.

Sport House Captains

South Oakleigh Secondary College recognizes that effective leadership takes many forms. The role of a House Captain provides students with an opportunity to get involved across different year levels in a friendly, fun and supportive way. House Captains assist in organizing competitive events such as swimming carnivals, athletics, debating and reading competitions. Captains offer endless encouragement and sportsmanship to all students entered in these events, setting a culture and standard for years to come.