Student Wellbeing

Being Well at South Oakleigh College

The Student Wellbeing Team

At South Oakleigh we have a very experienced team ready to assist students who may encounter social, emotional or physical difficulties affecting their academic progress and their general wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Coordinator, Annette Ford, has twenty five years of experience in the field of student counselling and support. Alex Flavel is our Chaplain and his role is to provide wellbeing programmes and individual support. Brittany Whitelock is our Adolescent Health Nurse and her role is to promote health and wellbeing among the school population. She has extensive experience as a nurse and joined us in the health promotion role in 2016.

Our aim is the prevention of health and wellbeing concerns and so we facilitate a range of health education activities to increase student awareness and help them be able to help themselves. We intervene quickly when situations arise and we follow up to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Our Student Support Team

The program to support students with additional needs at South Oakleigh Collge is a positive and dynamic one. Its aim is to support students in the program to attain the highest level of independence they can. Our team is keen to adopt the latest findings in the area of student support and disability and is dedicated to providing a supportive and stimulating environment for the students in the programme.

Cyber Safety at South Oakleigh

We live in a rapidly changing digital age and are consciously preparing our students for its challenges. We are proud to be a part of the Federal Government’s CyberSmart program.

CyberSmart takes a whole of school approach to online issues including identity theft, cyber bullying, gaming addiction and financial safety. The central focus always is to educate and empower young people to act to ensure their own safety whenever possible. These issues are covered in a range of curriculum areas as well as special events and presentations.

Our partnership with parents/guardians is vital to the success of these endeavours and we ask parents/guardians to contact the school as soon as possible if any of these issues become a problem for their child. Together we can make a difference!

‘Child Safety’ is our priority

South Oakleigh College is comitted to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. We aim to provide an environment in which young people are safe and feel safe. Our school is committed to identify risks early and to remove and reduce these risks. We regularly train and educate our staff and volunteers on child safety.