From the Principal

Welcome to the South Oakleigh College community.

Our Mission:

To foster and develop a love of education so our students become inspired, life-long learners actively engaged with their education and provided with a diversity of challenging and supportive experiences to promote academic excellence and personal development.

South Oakleigh College is committed to developing the whole child. Every student has talent, and we offer a range of opportunities for each individual to enable them to achieve their potential and become confident, respectful, and effective learners who are able to contribute constructively as global citizens of the 21st Century.

Our students learn resilience and take responsibility for their learning by being resourceful. We celebrate the diversity of our pupils and encourage them to develop social responsibility, empathy and compassion for others.

Our Aims:

  • To provide diverse educational experiences to maximise every child’s opportunity to participate confidently in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  • To promote both academic and personal growth by challenging and encouraging individual excellence.
  • To provide a sense of belonging within our caring and safe community.
  • To grant opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership through both local and global organisations.
  • To foster a school community characterised by cultural and global awareness, with all members respecting the rights of others whilst caring for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our Values:

South Oakleigh College provides a challenging and comprehensive curriculum and supports a vibrant co-curricular program. Our values of High Expectations, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Teamwork are constantly reinforced: during student learning, throughout teaching practice and across school management. In a caring and well-disciplined atmosphere, the College expects and achieves high standards in all aspects of student presentation, behaviour, endeavour and leadership.

We believe a South Oakleigh College education is not an end in itself but the foundation for life-long learning.

Please feel free to contact the College if you have any enquiries regarding our school and the programs we offer.

Helen Koziaris
College Principal