Transitioning to Year 7


The wellbeing and transition of Grade 6 students into Year 7 is paramount to both the Staff and Student Leadership Team at South Oakleigh College. It is enhanced by the establishment of the role of Transition Coordinator. While the transition from primary to secondary school is exciting, it is still daunting for many young people, as they move from one phase of their lives into another.

Primary School Visits to our College

South Oakleigh College operates a comprehensive and detailed Transition Program to help our Year 7 students adjust quickly to move into secondary school. Transition to South Oakleigh College actually begins for many students as early as Grade 5 with regular visits to the College and taking part in a variety of educational activities, leadership programs and other special events.

This allows our Transition team to build early relationships with future Year 7 students; helps future Year 7 students familiarise themselves with our College environment; and meet other South Oakleigh College students.

Every Student Counts

Knowing and valuing each student is an important part of student development and building positive staff and student relationships. Members of our Transition Team will visit Grade 6 teachers at local primary schools to identify the needs of the newest members of our South Oakleigh College Community and how we can assist your child on their journey through secondary school. The opportunity to talk to primary school staff provides us with essential information to make the transition easier and more enjoyable for students. We also value the opportunity to discuss other areas where students may need, or appreciate assistance. One strategy is to place students in Home Groups with at least one familiar friend.

Year 7 Induction Program

Year 7 is an exciting time to be a part of South Oakleigh College. As students make new friends, face adolescent challenges and explore academic and co-curricular pursuits, we work hard to ensure their time at school is a safe and rewarding experience

The step from primary to secondary school for many students and their families can be quite daunting. Students are now part of a much bigger school community where they are confronted with many new challenges.

They need to cope with:

  • A wider range of subjects
  • New teachers
  • A new timetable
  • Travelling on public transport
  • Making new friends, and
  • A greater demand on being organised and independent.

For these reasons a Year 7 Induction Program has been implemented, providing an excellent foundation for students to commence their secondary schooling. We believe that this program assists students to develop a sound understanding of the College and its functions in a short period of time. The Induction program addresses the physical and emotional needs by providing a safe environment where students are able to develop a sense of connectedness and belonging to the College.

Preliminary Testing

In October all Grade 6 students attending South Oakleigh College in Year 7 will undertake a series of literacy and numeracy tests to assist in the planning for your child’s academic pathway. Results from these tests allows for your child’s teachers to plan effective teaching and learning strategies to ensure that they are challenged academically and supported in areas that are necessary.

Orientation Day

In early December every Grade 6 student in Victoria is invited to attend their future secondary school. Upon arrival at South Oakleigh College students are placed into their future class and will meet some of their new teachers. Current Year 7 students, Peer Support Leaders and members of the College Student Leadership Team are on hand to act as guides and special friends to the fresh and enthusiastic faces of our future Year 7 students.

Orientation/Information Evening for Parents of Year 7 Students

Students are not the only people nervous about starting secondary school and leaving their old school behind. Parents/Guardians are often as apprehensive and at times more nervous than students on this day. An Orientation/Information Evening is held for parents are they provided with information pertaining to their child’s transition from primary to secondary school. Parents/Guardians are given general information about the College curriculum, camp details, an opportunity to place new uniform orders, pay contribution chargers and receive information about second hand books and uniform sales.

Year 7 Peer Support

All Year 7 students meet their Peer Support Leaders on Orientation Day. The Peer Support Leaders (Year 10 and Year 11 students), have gone through rigorous selection process and two-day training program to equip them with the skills to support the newest members of our College community in their transition. Peer Support Leaders meet regularly with their Year 7 group during semester one and also attend the Year 7 Transition Camp. The Peer Support Program continues throughout the year and often students forge friendships and a common respect for each other.

Year 7 Scholarship Program

All Grade 6 students are eligible to apply for scholarships offered upon entry into South Oakleigh College. These scholarships include Academic, Sport and the Arts. Students can apply for these scholarships by completing the Scholarship Application. These students will be invited to attend an interview where they are encouraged to present a portfolio to support their application.

Year 7 Parent Meet and Greet

All Year 7 students and their families are invited to attend an informal BBQ in February of first term. This allows all members of the community to interact in a relaxed atmosphere. All members of the College Leadership Team, including the Student Leaders and the Year 7 Team are available on the evening to answer any questions families may have.

Pastoral Program

Mentor Group

Every student belongs to a Mentor Group linked with a House who meet with their Mentor Teacher every day for 20 minutes. The Mentor Teacher provides the necessary guidance and support to every student and works with their class to enhance positive relationships and make strong connections with their peers. As with students, Mentor Teachers are also the first point of contact for parents to discuss any matters regarding their child.

House Assemblies

Once a week, every House meets in our Theatre for a student led House Assembly, supported by their Head of House. It is an opportunity to recognise student achievement and receive important information for the week ahead.  

Monitoring of Students

Mentor Group teachers, Heads of House and the Wellbeing Team meet regularly to discuss concerns with students and develop strategies in order to be able to assist them. Parents/Guardians may be notified via the College planner, a telephone call, via SMS or email or interview if deemed necessary. Parents are also encouraged to contact their child’s Mentor Group Teacher at any time should they have any concerns regarding their child’s progress.

Challenging and Supporting All Students

Enhancement and Acceleration

The College undertakes ongoing and rigorous assessment to help monitor the academic progress of your child. Highly capable students are provided with extension and challenging learning tasks within the regular classroom, where they are encouraged to think deeply and advance more rapidly when appropriate. Students who demonstrate high aptitude for Maths, English or Science are grouped with likeminded students to access a challenging accelerated learning program.

Students are also encouraged to participate in additional extension and enrichment programs such as the University of New South Wales competitions in English, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science.

Leadership Opportunities

Many of our students already come to South Oakleigh College with prior leadership experience. We value and nurture these skills and help others to develop them through opportunities in the Student Voice Team and mentoring new students who join Year 7 throughout the year.

EAL Classes

Students who have arrived in Australia from a Non-English speaking country within the last five years have access to participate in the English as an Additional Language Program (EAL). Students who qualify for this program will gain access to a course that is designed to target specific English language and comprehension skills to further develop important literacy skills.