South Oakleigh College is proud to offer students an innovative and diverse Arts program in both the Visual Arts and Performing Arts. The study of the Arts is both a unique and creative learning journey and fosters students’ critical and creative thinking processes.

Students positively engage in a vast range of opportunities in both disciplines, visual and performing. Each discipline challenges students to work both independently as well as collaboratively to problem solve and find resolutions to real life tasks.

Students are presented opportunities to develop skills within Visual Art – in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art making practices including ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting, construction and textiles as well as in Media and Digital Art, Visual Communication and Design. In Performing Arts, students can partake and develop skills in Drama, Music and Theatre Studies.

In both the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts, students critically respond to and analyse visual culture and performances in contemporary and traditional genres. They explore and are exposed to works that involve the combination of traditional and contemporary forms including digital media.

Visual Arts Gallery

Colour and life of our college community is visually presented with a plethora of archived works and stunning past students projects displayed around the school.

Late in 2013 a hallway full of yellow walls and wonderful purple carpet was transformed into a wonderful gallery space, complete with polished concrete floors and white walls. Around the world, the most well known galleries are designed in this fashion.

The space is better known as a ‘white cube’ – a shell providing art with an escape from history and from the contingencies of real life and the outside world. It also works within the values we share as a college where students from all walks of life have a space where they can effectively show their stories, their own personal style.

The value that accompanies the exhibition of work authenticates a personal narrative and offers students the local, if not global accountability of their process and outcome.

We would love to keep building on this in the years to come and provide our artists and designers the space to transition from the title of ‘student’ into the role of artist and life learner.