Support Offered

Should a student require Literacy support, South Oakleigh College provides direct intervention to support the child’s development.

Every student at South Oakleigh College not only participates in the NAPLAN and utilises these results in order to address the needs of the child, but we also perform online testing which provides feedback on areas of strength and weakness. By using these tests diagnostically, we can tailor our intervention to address specific areas requiring extra work and support for individual students.

Should specific weaknesses be identified, then the student may participate in Literacy classes that provide extra tuition to build skills and confidence. Students will work through a program that is designed to improve reading, writing and spelling skills.

Extra support in Mathematics is also provided. Maths Help sessions occur when the Year 7 or 8 student normally has a Maths class. They are withdrawn once per week and work in a small group, where the work is scaffolded and basic skills reinforced to build competence and confidence.