The booklist outlines all the books in which each student requires depending on their year level and subject selection. In the list located below, we have supplied each booklist dependant on each students year level. All books on the booklist are required for each subject the student is enrolled in. 

Orders can be completed online on: Campion Books


Purchased directly from Campion Education. Families who choose the pre-packaged collection service need to complete their online order by Friday 4 December. Payment is not required until the package is collected from the College on January 21. 

LANGUAGES: students only need to purchase one of the following groups of books depending on the language understudy

JAPANESE: beginners and advanced can purchase items for their lesson 

LITERACY ELECTIVE: can purchase directly from booklist 

GREEK: students will be tested in the first 2 weeks and will then be placed in Beginners or Advanced classes. Families will be contacted for book purchases

Booklists for 2021

The following files are saved in PDF format, so you’ll need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. This is a free download from Adobe and can be found here:

Early English Booklist 2021

Year 7 Booklist 2021

Year 8 Booklist 2021

Year 9 Booklist 2021

Senior Booklist 2021

Go to: Campion Books.