We wish to welcome our new Year 7 2022 students and their families into our South Oakleigh College community. We understand that transitioning from primary school to secondary school can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for all and as a result we have developed two transition packs to support the process. Although these Transition Packs will be sent via mail, they have also been conveniently placed online and can be found below:

Transition Packs & Documentation

Both Transition Packs can be located below including all relevant information which will ensure a smooth transition into the College for our future Year 7 Students. If you have any additional questions in regard to a transitioning Year 7 Student please direct them to: year7@sosc.vic.edu.au

Transition Pack One:

Below you will find all documentation included in Transition Pack One. Please read all documents carefully and complete all relevant forms before the intended due dates. Please return all documentation either online via email (year7@sosc.vic.edu.au) or to the front office.

Transition Pack Two:

Transition Pack Two will be made available during week two of Term 4. This pack will contain information about College Uniform, Booklists, College Charges, Camp Information, CSEF Application forms, confirmation of Language selection and a Parent A-Z Information booklet.

Laptop Payment Portal

A recent change to DET’s Payment Policy in September 2021 prevents the College from taking deposits and ordering laptops on a family’s behalf.

To support the ordering process for families, a portal has been set up for families to order directly from our supplier, Learning with Technologies.

To purchase a recommended device from the College’s supplier please follow this link which will take you directly to the ordering platform: https://southoakleighcollege.orderportal.com.au/ 

Please note: devices will still be supported by our ICT Staff.