Our vision is of an inclusive community that equally supports every student. It is an environment which is safe, respectful and welcoming, ultimately encouraging the success of students as both individuals and a collective.

Our mission is to work in collaboration with staff and students to provide a space for students to work in harmony, achieve their goals, and be their best selves, in order to amplify voice at school.’

Student Voice

The vision and mission statement above amplifies the importance of students being involved in decisions that impact their learning and environment cannot be understated and is critical in ongoing development.

Developing leadership skills amongst our students to forecast them in being active members of their community is of paramount importance to the College as we prepare our Future Leaders.

Principal’s Advisory Group

Also known as the ‘Student Opinion Committee’, this group comprises of a cross-section of students across all year levels who meet regularly with the Principal who discuss the effectiveness of new teaching and learning initiatives being implemented, proposed projects of the school and issues concerning the community.

Student Achievements

College Captain 2020 Andrew Leap

SYN Radio Interview

  • COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the education sector including how and what content is taught to students. I was invited to share my thoughts and experiences on SYN’s 90.7 ‘drive programme,’ Amplify, which is produced and presented by under-18s alongside the Youth Board Member at the VCAA, Aayushi Khillan, and Program Manager at Primary Connections, Nicola Dziadkiewicz.
  • We looked at what the assessment authority had done throughout the pandemic to support students in achieving their VCE, as well as how educators had to adapt in response to the ever-changing situation, discussing issues such as equity and what we can learn to help shape how the curriculum is delivered in the future.
The Today Show