We proudly provide: 

  • Secure home-stay arrangements for international students, closely monitored by the College.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Classes, Careers Counselling and Guidance, After School Study Supports and an Orientation Program to ensure starting International Students a smooth transition into our College.
  • Dedicated staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about supporting students in achieving optimal success.
  • Professional International Student Program Assistants providing individual support and tutoring.
  • International Student Excursions and Cultural Experiences.
  • School-wide Cultural Diversity Celebrations.
  • Frequent updates about free events and workshops provided by Monash Youth Services for students.
  • Mathematics tutoring for VCE students.
  • Support preparing for the General Achievement Test for VCE students.

Facilities at South Oakleigh include: 

  • Convenient location, serviced by regular public transport routes.
  • Accelerated VCE programs available for Year 10 students.
  • Extensive music and performing arts programs, with a major annual production in our school theatre.
  • Instrumental music program.
  • TV Studio, which is linked to the whole curriculum.
  • A school canteen that caters to various needs, including vegetarian options.
  • A VCE Study Centre, with a Year 12 kitchen.
  • Visits from staff from various universities (e.g. Melbourne University, Monash University, RMIT).
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