We offer a range of Scholarship options to both current and prospective students. Please find the current list below.

South Oakleigh College Scholarships

Students in Grade 6 who apply for this scholarship are interviewed by the Principal.  Scholarships offered are Academic, Sports and The Arts. Students may request that an application be sent to them by contacting the College.

Those interested in applying for one of our 2024 South Oakleigh College Scholarships are asked to complete our online application form before Friday 15 September:

Scholarship Program Application

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program (University of Melbourne)

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is a school-based program that offers high-achieving Year 11 and/or Year 12 students the opportunity to participate in an extensive program of events and activities, including workshops delivered by leading researchers, seminars with world-class teachers and opportunities to interact with other young scholars and members of the University community.

In the year of 2011, year 11 participants will enjoy exclusive access to study skill sessions, a career-focused activity, and tailored on-campus events including academic, social, cultural and sporting activities as well as dedicated functions during key events such as Open Day.
Year 12 participants will have access to discipline-based lectures, library and information services tutorials, an end-of-year celebration ceremony and a dedicated event during Course Information Day.

All participants will be granted access to a dedicated portal on the University of Melbourne website, comprising information relevant to their secondary studies and further study opportunities, student blogs and social activities. Young Scholars will also receive an “Approved Borrower” library student card, enabling access to the largest library collection in the southern hemisphere.

Huntingdale Rotary Club Scholarship

This award is presented to Year 10 students who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their studies, student leadership, the College and the community as a whole. This award provides support to students to assist them to achieve their educational goals while they continue their education at South Oakleigh College.

The Rotary Club of Huntingdale began this commitment in 2004 to support South Oakleigh College students in their academic pursuits.

Skyline Foundation Scholarship

South Oakleigh College is very fortunate to be a partner school of the Skyline Foundation program. *Skyline Education Foundation Australia provides intensive support for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds during their VCE studies.

In 2004 the newly formed Skyline Education Foundation, founded by John Cheetham in memory of his late father Joseph, began its work supporting talented young people in government schools and the community. The Chairman of the Foundation is Dr Peter Hollingworth and current Skyline Patrons include Emeritus Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO and Justice Lex Lasry.

The Skyline Program is the first of its kind in Australia, providing financial, educational, emotional and practical support for bursary recipients. It is an advocate for talented and disadvantaged young people and partners with schools throughout Victoria to deliver the Skyline Bursary Program each year.

Students involved in the program have the opportunity to overcome the barriers of disadvantage and pursue their passions into tertiary education. They attend residential leadership camps where they work with Skyline alumni and even get to hear inspiring talks by high achieving Australians including Olympians.

South Oakleigh College is very grateful for the Skyline Foundation’s support over the past three years, enabling recipients of the scholarship to pursue their educational goals and ambitions.

Link: http://skylinefoundation.org.au/about-us/


Deakin University Achievement Award

This award is presented to students from regional, remote and under-represented secondary schools in Victoria, as well as participating Metropolitan Access Program (MAP) and Regional Engagement Access Program (REAP) schools. The award winner receives a monetary voucher for studies in 2012. The aim of the awards is to recognise the academic excellence and personal resilience of students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Australian Defence Force – Long Tan Leadership And Teamwork Awards

This award was created by the Australian Defence Force to acknowledge the achievements of young people, who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and teamwork either within our College or the wider community.  These achievements are underpinned by qualities such as supporting others and doing the best you can, which are values the ADF share with the broader community.

Caltex Best All-Rounder

This award recognises a student who has participated in a range of school activities and in particular has shown commitment, dedication, a desire to excel, and outstanding success in both academic and sporting achievement. The Caltex organisation acknowledges the student’s excellence with a medallion and award certificate.

Campion Books Award – Dux

This award is presented to a student from each year levels 7 to 10, who have demonstrated a commitment to their studies and has achieved academic excellence throughout the year.  Each student receives monetary support which is credited to their charges for the following year.

Lions Club Of Oakleigh – Robert Hood Memorial Awards

“The Robert Hood Memorial Student Award” encourages and assists students to further their academic achievements as well as their active contribution to their school and the wider community.

The award is given to students who demonstrate the importance that The Lions Club of Oakleigh places on active and positive community involvement. We believe these values are reflected in our students who support the values of the College and its ethos, demonstrate support for others and have made a positive contribution to the wider community.

Rotary Club Of Oakleigh – Vocational Excellence – Citizenship Awards

The Rotary Club of Oakleigh is proud to extend the vocational arm of service which recognises the contribution of one’s vocational talents to society, to include Citizenship Awards, with a long-standing partner in local youth initiatives, the South Oakleigh College.

This Award recognises two students who have demonstrated leadership qualities with a community focus both within the school setting as well as the wider community. In recognition of their leadership qualities and service above self attributes two years 11 students will each receive a Citizen watch from the Rotary Club of Oakleigh.

Citizenship Award

This award recognises the achievement of a senior student (Year 11) who has made an outstanding contribution to the College community while attending the College.  This contribution is recognised at both the College level and in the broader community and is presented to the recipient by the local member for Hotham.

Please note: South Oakleigh College is continually reviewing the range of scholarships available to our students. Consequently, this list is subject to update as the need arises.