Here at South Oakleigh College, the wellbeing of our students is a priority and all staff play a critical role in ensuring our students are safe and their needs are addressed. Students can access support specifically from the members of our amazing Wellbeing Team who ensure students’ overall wellbeing is on track both academically, socially and emotionally. In addition to the Wellbeing Team, support is also available from our Directors of Students and Heads of Houses. 

Our Team

Director of Student Services: Michael Alexis
School Chaplin: Joyce Harris
School Nurse: Nicole Joyce

Covid-19 Message of Encouragement

Despite the stress and the uncertainty, maybe consider the following …

STOP and reflect how worthy you are as a human being, not for what you do but for who you are.

STOP and look in the mirror with the intention to smile at yourself with adoration and honour, for how far you have come this year.

STOP and consider a flower (no you don’t have to pick it and end its life prematurely). Let yourself explore its complex yet simple beauty that is so often not observed, and remember how simple life can be in stillness with your flower despite being a complex yet simple person.

Enjoy your human-ness each day.

Enjoy your capacity for perseverance and courage and strength each day.

Enjoy your own beauty each day.

Hope and peace to one and all.

Joyce SOC Chaplain

Online Resources to Support Students and Families

Below you will find an array of online resources which are designed to further educate and support students, families and our staff in understanding mental illness and mental health. 

Youth Beyond Blue

Aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and associated drug and alcohol problems among young people. The website includes fact sheets on a range of topics from bullying to cannabis. It discusses ways to get help and lists helplines and online support for young people.

Black Dog Institue Logo

The creative way of thinking, talking and teaching about mood disorders and resilience. It is free to download curriculum resource for Health and Physical Education teachers. Building resilience and wellbeing into the curriculum. Headstrong is implemented by the Black Dog Institute.

Be You Logo copy
Be You

Be You aims to transform Australia’s approach to supporting children and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools. Aiming to create a positive, inclusive and resilient learning community – a place where everyone can achieve their best possible mental health.

Orygen Logo

A world-leading research and knowledge translation organisation focusing on the mental health of young people. Orygen has a dedicated Skills & Knowledge Division which concentrates on growing the capacity of Australia’s youth mental health workforce with an emphasis on accessible expertise and innovation. 

SenseAbility copy
SenseAbility eLearning

SenseAbility e-learning is a free professional learning program designed for the education, health and community sectors based on cognitive-behavioural principles. It was developed to assist teachers and others who work with young people in delivering SenseAbility and, in particular, the Essential Skills module. 

Mental Health First Aid Logo copy
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Provides information about Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) course contents, audience and finding a course running in your local area. The YMHFA course teaches adults who work or live with youth how to identify and assist when a young person is developing a mental health problem. 

Headspace Logo

Raising awareness for youth mental health is a vital part of what headspace does. Headspace centres and services operate across Australia, in metro, regional and rural areas, supporting young people and their families to be mentally healthy. Filled with an ample amount of resources and guidance.

ReachOut Logo

ReachOut Professionals provides recommendations and advice for youth support workers, health workers and education professionals on a range of online interventions, tools and resources that can be used to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties and to build young people’s wellbeing and resilience. 

Boorndawan Willam Aboriginal Healing Service

Provides a range of services and programs to Aboriginal individuals and families who are experiencing, at risk of experiencing family violence or use violence. BWAHS has developed an excellent record for providing high-quality family violence and trauma-informed Intensive Case Management and Integrated Family Services responses.

QLife Logo
Q Life

An online anonymous and free LGBTQI+ peer support and referral resource for people wanting to talk about sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings and relationships. QLife services include both telephone and webchat support, delivered by trained LGBTQI+ community members across the country, catered to LGBTQI+ individuals, their friends and families. 

In Touch Logo

Specialist Family Violence Service that works with women from migrant and refugee backgrounds, their families and communities, providing case management and training. Providing many services including; legal services, outreach in courts and other community settings, working with perpetrators and many more services available on this online resource.

With Respect Logo

With/Respect is a family violence and intimate partner violence service supporting LGBTIQ+ communities and their families. They can respond to both the person or people impacted by violence and the person or people using violence. Providing resources tips and advice for LGBTIQ+ people on having and maintaining healthy relationships.

Additional Resources:

Alannah & Madeline Foundation Logo
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

A national charity protecting children from violence and its devastating effects. The website has resources and programs available to support parents, carers and schools to keep children safe.

Bullying No Way Logo
Bullying No Way!
Provides information about bullying and strategies on how teachers and parents can work together to tackle the issue. Supporting school communities with resources and activities for a proactive approach to bullying education and prevention.
Butterfly Logo
The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders

The Butterfly Foundation provides support for Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues and their carers. Butterfly provides online, education programs for young people. 

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI)

COPMI promotes better mental health outcomes for children of parents with a mental illness by developing information for parents, their partners, carers, family and friends in support of these children. 

eHub Health
e-Hub Assist

Helpful resources for people who use e-hub services and e-facilitators who support others to use e-hub’s online self-help programs such as MoodGYM and e-couch. It can be used by many individuals such as, youth workers and more. 

Peer Support Logo
Peer Support

Providing school communities with an evidence-based, peer-led approach to enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people. The Peer Support Program is an integrated school-based program.

Safe Steps Lopgo
Safe Steps

Is Victoria’s 24/7 family violence response centre. Providing support services for anyone in Victoria experiencing or afraid of family violence. Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre is supported by the Victorian Government.

ThinkuKnow Logo
Think U Know

A guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people. This website aims to help parents, carers and teachers keep young people safe in the online environment. Raising awareness and knowledge surrounding the internet.